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We are a contract manufacturer and filler but have varied experience in a wide range of toiletries and personal care products, as well as accredited Lens and Glass cleaning products. Here are just some examples of our recent capabilities but we are happy to discuss your requirements even if they fall outside of this list: -

Body Care

✔ Foot Spray
✔ Hand Sanitiser
✔ Shave Oil
✔ Deodorants
✔ Anti perspirants

Glass Care

✔ Lens Cleaner*
✔ Glass Cleaner*
✔ LCD Screen Cleaner
✔ Car dashboard Shine
✔ Phone/Tablet Cleaner
✔ Solvent Free

Hair Care

✔ Hair Shine Serum
✔ Hair Styling Sprays
✔ Aerosol Free Hair Spray
✔ Detangling Spray
✔ Heat Defence Spray
✔ Volumising Spray

Oral Care

✔ Breath Freshner
✔ Mouth Spray
✔ Alcohol or Alcohol Free
✔ Mint or Fruity Flavoured
✔ Sugar Free

Outdoor Care

✔ Sun Screen Spray
✔ SPF-15, SPF-30, SPF-50
✔ After Sun Spray
✔ Insect Repellent
✔ Bite & Sting Relief Spray

General Care

✔ Pillow Mist
✔ Air Freshener*
✔ Hard Surface Cleaner*
✔ Roll-on perfume
✔ Cologne Spritzers


*Certified to AMS 1535B and AMS 1550B standards.